Intra-Workout Supplements

Are you looking for top-quality, during-workout supplements that can help you stay hydrated, alert, focused and on top of your training and other athletic activities? Intra-workout supplements are a great way to take your regular fitness efforts up a notch. These products give you an extra boost of energy to support better performance and endurance as you work out. Push yourself a little harder, at a higher intensity, for a longer time.

When to Use Intra-Workout

These supplements are taken during a workout. This helps to enhance the workout by increasing your energy, recovery and hydration. Timing is key when taking these supplements: Drinking it while you’re training allows your body and muscles to constantly get a supply of fuel, which helps optimize exercise performance. They can help you reach your fitness goals and attain your ideal physique faster.

How to Take It

Intra-workout comes in a variety of forms including powders, liquids and capsules. Powders need to have water added, and liquid forms are typically premixed. Capsules are easy to swallow in the middle of a training session.

It’s essential to take these supplements the right way for the best results. Because these supplements should be taken in the middle of your workout, consider mixing or pouring a serving of it early. If you’re taking capsules, lay them out. Doing this before exercising can help you stay consistent and won’t disrupt your session. You’ll be ready to consume your supplement when it’s time.

Who Should Use Intra-Workout? 

Anyone can benefit from using intra-workout. You may want to consider adding these supplements into your fitness routine if you:

  • Train a few times per day
  • Exercise for extended periods of time
  • Don’t consume adequate protein
  • Train with intense workouts 

Common Ingredients That Make It Effective

Intra-workout contains ingredients that are quickly absorbed by the body. Depending on the product, ingredients include BCAAs, beta-alanine, coconut water, caffeine anhydrous and others that have been researched and tested. These may include creatine monohydrate, cluster dextrin and betaine anhydrous. These intra-workout powders are your solution for what to take during a workout to start seeing better results. Use them as your fuel to keep building muscle, staying engaged and supporting recovery.

Choose MFIT Intra-Workout

Created by MFIT, each product has been developed and produced in-house, adhering to all FDA standards for the pharmaceutical industry. Even better, you can pick your favorite option from among our highly regarded flavors. Insist on supplements that are consistently top-quality, made-in-America products you can trust. Order today!

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