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Intraworkout Recovery Your next workout starts with the recovery from your last. Recovery and BCAAs are essential in building muscle mass and exercise endurance. MFIT’s BCAAs contain clinically studied and proven ingredients that fuel your body when it needs it the most, during the muscle breakdown of training.

MFIT just rebranded! You may receive a product with the previous look. Don’t worry it’s still the same great product.

Our 2:1:1 BCAA is a research backed optimal ratio for supporting your muscle recovery, protein synthesis and muscle growth. Clinically studied and proven ingredients paired with refreshing sour apple and pineapple flavors will make recovery the favorite part of your journey. Our BCAA formula promotes muscle endurance, recovery, development and maintains lean muscle mass. While our highly regarded flavors will keep your mind sharp and your body feeling refreshed making it the drink of choice for a strenuous workout in the gym or a weekend hike for some amazing views.

Refreshed and Recovered.

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