MFIT SUPPS Bi-Immune supports your immune system by using a wide variety of ingredients, such as Lactoferrin, Zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin D, which provide protection for healthy cells, modulate immune functions, and promote healthy immune responses form your body. *

Bi-Immune contains the powerful ingredient of Lactoferrin. Naturally derived from milk Lactoferrin keeps your body protected by promoting and supporting a strong and healthy immune system response. With a balanced mix of vitamins & minerals like 100mg of Vitamin C, 800IU Vitamin D, 10mg of Zinc and 100mg of Calcium provide an extra boost of immune support.

5-in-1 Immunity Powerhouse

Strengthens Immune System

Bi-Immune consists of a unique blend of ingredients based on our expert research, Bi-immune provides a comprehensive immunity formula and better absorption.*

Easy On Your Stomach

Lactoferrin can also balance the free iron level in your body, you will experience much less frequent intestinal irritations.*

Designed for Adults

Bi-Immune is designed to support and boost the immune systems for adults only.*

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