Estro-X is for athletes who put their bodies under extreme levels of stress. Estro-X supports physical performance, hardened physique, muscle mass & strength. Loaded with natural antioxidants to help prevent cell damage and improve energy levels, this diindolylmethane supplement positively shifts estrogen metabolism to produce more good estrogens and less bad estrogens and even supports healthy cortisol levels, memory & cognition.

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Dim Capsules for Hormone Balance

Most men look to lower estrogen, as the side effects of high estrogen are highly undesirable, especially for lifters. Some of these side effects include bloating, decreased sex drive, erectile dysfunction, and gynocomestia.   With that said, too little estrogen can be detrimental as well. Estro-X is a cortisol manager that takes a different approach. Instead of simply trying to decrease your estrogen, it actually aids in overall hormone balance. Loaded with natural antioxidants Estro-X combines positive shifts to your estrogen metabolism producing more good estrogens, increasing performance, reducing fat and eliminating toxins. It also manages your cortisol levels increasing your immune system response, limiting excessive protein breakdown and accumulation of body fat. Estro-X targets multiple levels of hormone balance resulting in an overall better you.

Cortisol Management Supplement & Hardening Agent

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