Menace is the intra-workout hydration product that will help you prevent any possible fall off or crash while going through a training session. Combining BCAA with caffeine, beta-alanine and a healthy dose of coconut water powder, this electrolyte drink powder helps you maintain alertness while keeping you hydrated.

MFIT just rebranded! You may receive a product with the previous look. Don’t worry it’s still the same great product.

Boost Energy Anytime With This Intra-Workout Drink

Pump up your energy during a workout or anytime with Menace, the hydrating, energizing drink! Anytime you need a boost of energy, focus and muscle recovery, reach for Menace. Each serving provides 100mg of caffeine from natural sources to support energy and focus, along with 5 grams of amino acids for support. Also featuring beta-alanine and BCAA, our unique formula is perfect for any time of day. Providing you with the energy and focus you need in the morning, keeping you productive in the afternoon or giving you that boost of energy you need for the gym, a hike or a pick-up game of ball.

Energized. Alert. Refreshed.

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