Fat Burner Everyone needs a boost, especially when it comes to fat loss. Torch is scientifically formulated to help speed up the fat loss process while supporting a healthy immune system, increase energy output and mental focus. Torch was created to give you the tangible weight loss results you’re looking for.

MFIT just rebranded! You may receive a product with the previous look. Don’t worry it’s still the same great product.

Attack fat from all angles! Torch is a premium thermogenic, weight-loss, and fat-oxidizing fat burner working on multiple levels to aid you in reaching your weight loss goals. Formulated to burn fat but preserve muscle, Torch helps you build a better body shape with the same amount of exercise.

Torch addresses multiple aspects of fat loss and can help speed up the fat loss process. Supporting a healthy metabolism, increase in energy output, endurance, mental focus, and even increase body core temperature, Torch will help you incinerate that stubborn body fat and help you get even closer to achieving your weight loss goal.

Attack Fat from All Angles

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